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Silica Sol Casting Products

2021-07-24 17:56:16
Silica Sol Casting Products

The development of silica sol precision castings in China is relatively late. In the process of manufacturing products, it must be more precise processing technology. Silica sol precision castings must strengthen the product processing technology in theory and practice. Correct understanding and continue to supplement their professional knowledge in a timely manner.

In the application process of silica sol casting products, all precision casting manufacturing processes will be straightened out, and more powerful quality products will be cast. During the filling process, the foam model must be decomposed through its liquefaction, so that many pieces will be formed. Small molecule gas and foam ash. Such ingredients are harmful to humans to the extent necessary. In daily work, the users must strictly follow their operating instructions. Whether it is specific operations or auxiliary items, they must be carried out in accordance with the requirements. Be sure to use the operating methods flexibly in the process.

Silica sol precision castings are aimed at some complex thin-walled castings. During the application process, in order to effectively improve the air permeability of the molding shell of the precision castings, if possible, vent holes can be set at high places. This is a scientific method. Set up the pouring system to avoid pouring entrainment. In the process of application, increase its pouring temperature reasonably, reduce the distance between the ladle nozzle and the pouring cup as much as possible, and effectively reduce the pouring speed, so that the molten metal can be filled smoothly.

The mold shell of silica sol precision castings must be fully baked, and the temperature must be sufficiently high during the application process, so that the precision casting shell can be fully baked, so that the gas components of the product are fully eliminated, and the fully baked mold The shell is white or light gray with no dark spots.


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