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Water glass casting

2021-07-24 18:03:27
Water glass casting

Sodium silicate is a kind of soluble alkali metal sodium silicate, also known as sour alkali. The color of the liquid water glass is blue-gray, but the colorless and transparent water glass is a good material. In use, the liquid water glass only needs to be matched with water for debugging.

Characteristics of water glass:

When the water glass is hardened, the silicone gel can be precipitated, and it has good adhesion. It can not only effectively block the pores and gaps during use, but also has a good effect of preventing water penetration. Water glass has good heat resistance, and its normal use effect will not be affected when used in a high temperature environment. On the contrary, it will increase its drying speed and increase its strength, and it is not easy to cause fires and other accidents that are harmful to the human body. .

Water glass has poor alkali resistance and is easily soluble in water or alkaline solutions. Because it is an acidic salt substance, it is prone to neutralization reaction when it comes in contact with alkaline substances, thereby destroying the substance's own composition and reducing its own efficacy.

Water glass precision casting is to add water glass to the molding material according to a certain proportion, stir, roll and mix for 6-8 minutes into "water glass sand", put it into the mold, sand box and blow CO2 gas, CO2 and water glass After a chemical reaction, silica gel is formed to harden the sodium silicate sand, and the casting process is completed through the steps of mold removal, box closing, and pouring.


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