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2021-07-24 18:04:12

Impeller precision casting not only refers to the wheel disk with moving blades, which is a component of the impulse steam turbine rotor, but also refers to the general name of the wheel disk and the rotating blades installed on it. Impellers can be classified according to their shape and opening and closing conditions. The requirements for the impeller: can give a larger energy head; the loss of gas flowing through the impeller should be small, that is, the efficiency of the gas flowing through the impeller should be high; the parameters when the gas flows out of the impeller are appropriate, so that the gas flows through the fixed components behind. The flow loss is small; the impeller type can make the stable working condition area and the area range of the stage or the performance curve of the whole machine wider. It is often divided into closed, semi-open and open impellers.

In a wind turbine, the impeller consists of a hub and blades. The wind passes through the impeller and drives the impeller to rotate, thereby driving the generator to rotate, converting wind energy into electrical energy. Hebei foundry manufacturers require that the impeller have a large windward surface when it rotates to extract enough energy from the wind; at the same time, when the wind speed is too high, it must be able to automatically adjust the windward angle of the blades to avoid damage to the machinery due to excessive force.

The wear of the fan impeller is related to factors such as the composition, particle size, concentration, shape, impact speed, impact angle, gas chemical composition, nature, temperature and humidity of the abrasive. The unevenness of gas flow inside the impeller accelerates wear. As a measure to prevent impeller wear: reduce dust and corrosive gases entering the fan, for this reason, the fan operating system must be modified.


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